4 February/World Cancer Day

To beat cancer, the AXA Research Fund supports 23 basic researchers working on development mechanisms, diagnostics and innovative treatments for different forms for cancer.

€5 million has been allocated to these 23 cancer research projects. In total, the AXA Research Fund supports 168 projects on life risks, with around €36 million invested in major research institutions.

In partnership with numerous institutions, such as the CNIO Madrid, Kyoto University and Institut Curie, AXA supports promising and world-class researchers sharing a common focus on cutting-edge lines of research, basic research and popularizing their work to serve all the stakeholders engaged in this public health issue.


Created in 2007, the AXA Research Fund supports academic research helping to understand and prevent environmental, life and socio-economic risks. The Fund is an integral part of AXA’s corporate social responsibility strategy, which aims to support research and education on risks.

Opening the way to less invasive treatments

Supporting a new generation of researchers

Improving the immune system


AXA–Inserm grant / Margot Cucchetti

Funding basic research and supporting researchers



Discover the main cancer research projects supported by the AXA Research Fund

"Mapping gene mutation..."

Mariano Barbacid
AXA Chair in
Molecular Oncology

"How nanotechnologies are revolutionizing medical imaging..."

Emmanuel Fort
AXA Chair in
Biomedical Imaging

"The future role of artificial molecules in treatments..."

Luisa de Cola
AXA Chair in
Supramolecular Chemistry

"Regenerating tissues through nuclear reprogramming..."

Maria Blasco
AXA Project
Tissue Regeneration

"Repairing genetic cell defects..."

Thomas Helleday
AXA Project
Ageing and Cancer

"Using high-energy proton beams to target and destroy cancerous cells..."

Cédric Thaury
AXA Fellowship
Alternative to X-Rays

"Enhanced molecular breast cancer imaging..."

Virginia Spanoudaki
AXA Fellowship
3D Diagnostics

Discover our Book of Knowledge on Life risks

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Discover all AXA’s cancer projects


Your contacts

If you would like to contact one of the researchers supported by AXA, please contact us.


isabelle.bergeron@axa.com +33 (0)6 71 39 19 60
michela.mori@axa.com +33 (0)1 40 75 39 86
tanaquil.papertian@bm.com +33 (0)1 56 03 13 79

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